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Pure Water is the Core Foundation to All Wellness.

WaterSimplyPure.com offers you much more than expertise in clean water solutions, we are a health focused company and a division of BioGro Products LLC, a wholesale broker and retailer of pH balanced natural products. Dedicated to excellence, our products are made in the USA, all components are BPA free, certified test results are available for each water treatment option, each water system or cartridge/filter is NSF and ISO approved, and each is designed to bring you total satisfaction. 

BioGro was founded and has been online since 2002, offering the most compelling water treatment solutions with test results and certifications, including water pitchers, disposable countertop, and replaceable cartridge countertop, undersink, shower, bath, and whole house solutions since 2004, and now offering lineup of Berkey units.  It was a necessary to become water experts, not only in water solutions, but also in water problems, offering the best for the least in an affordable and simplified decision making process. WaterSimplyPure is your source for water filter solutions simply because pure water is the core foundation to all wellness, and without it wellness becomes even a bigger challenge.

We developed our exclusive water systems solutions website WaterSimplyPure.com because we know through the many years of experience, the process of buying water treatment systems can be confusing and intimidating. We believe part of the reason this is so, is that for many years these products and this process was in the hands of plumbers, or non-health focused experts, and more recently in the hands of commissioned sales people. In addition prior to awareness, our water issues were dealt with in one size fits all type of systems without bringing water to its’ best purity.

Our all new WaterSimplyPure.com has made every effort to explain the options without the confusion, we address the water issues as well as the water needs. For example: DIY drinking water, or DIY drinking water plus shower/bath water treatment, or a whole house replaceable cartridge system and drinking water combo for city and well water alike, and for the more troubled water, some very technical water systems with back flush capability, as well as reverse-osmosis systems of all sizes with drinking water remineralization and alkalization.

IonizerIn addition to a myriad of water solutions, we believe we have in our hands the best of all worlds to achieve ionized and alkalized water. Putting our authorized heads together with our more than brilliant manufacturing water engineer, we can now offer you the most innovative yet budget friendly, non-electric undersink or countertop water ionizer and alkalizer, inclusive of an additional 8 stages of water filtering, which takes it to a whole new level, not only offering many stages of cleaning, but also bringing the water to a pH balance of 8 – 8.5, and is inclusive of alkalizing, ionizing with infrared properties, minus electricity and with easy DIY replacement cartridges.

Thank you for joining us today, and please call us with your questions, our Customer Service is available M-F 10-4 EST, and we answer email daily if you would like to leave us a number to return your call the next business day.

WaterSimplyPure.com, a subsidiary of BioGro Products LLC, a wholesale broker and retailer of natural products of excellence, and that significantly enhance wellness and well being, located in Springfield, Kentucky.